Who are we?

Real estate developer and investor on Reunion Island, Colline Groupe has become a major actor over the Indian Ocean.

Our know-how, as a real estate developer, has made us one of the few local actors able to guarantee a global support in the real estate operations. Often investing on our projects, our position is a pledge of trust, reliability and engagement in the execution of our operations. In order to assure our expertise on each step of the projects, Colline Groupe is organized by support professions, essential to achieve our goal: become a global actor and a real estate expert on Reunion Island.

“Colline Groupe was born from an innovative vision, mixing real estate, construction and financial engineering in order to bring complex real estate projects on Reunion Island.”

Our asset

Through our location and our collaboration with professionals over Reunion Island, Colline Groupe actively takes part to the economy of the island. Without potential competitors, Colline Groupe guarantees a brief decision circuit to deliver quickly and efficiently the construction sites.

One Group

One Synergy

Tailor-made projects

Manage and Develop

Each project is systematically analyzed and custom-developed with a real consideration of the social, economic and environmental context. A specialized project team is set up for each operation with specific and ambitious objectives. This requirement make our operations programmes at the forefront of innovation in terms of environnement and social. We take into account the space, traffic, security and well-being of our colleagues and future inhabitants. Each building has been thought to be low energy consuming and has been built with environmentally compatible materials. Finally, each project considers maintenance topic in order to make the best choices for long term.